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Especially when they are taken with alcohol and other drugs, codeine and promethazine can cause dangerously slowed.

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There has been a growing trend of drug abuse using. a prescription antihistamine called promethazine,.

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Justin Bieber reportedly addicted to dangerous drink favored by rappers like Lil Wayne The homemade concoction is well-known among young people due.Learn how to spot signs and symptoms of purple drank drug abuse and see how you can help someone quit abusing this drug.Rapper Lil Wayne was recently hospitalized in the intensive care unit after.

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Sizzurp is a mix of codeine-based prescription cough syrup, soda and,.

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The type of cough syrup preferred contains the drugs Promethazine and.Sizzurp is a prescription drug and cannot be bought in any store,.Jolly Ranchers candy and Promethazine Codeine cough syrup. crushed pills or other drugs to give it more of a.Purple drank (lean, sizzurp, purp) is composed of cough syrup, soda and Jolly Ranchers candy.

According to TMZ, Actavis–the Promethazine Codeine producer that is frequently name dropped in...The Kansas Board of Pharmacy is moving to add certain prescription cough syrup ingredients to a list of drugs tracked on a state database. Debra.Sizzurp, or purple drank, is a dangerous recreational drug, usually derived from mixing prescription-strength.

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Here is some information about purple drank and how you can.

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Sizzurp, also commonly known as purple drank, is an addictive recreational drug concoction typically made with a prescription-strength cough syrup that contains the.

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The sizzurp trend plaguing hip-hop may finally be nearing its demise.Sizzurp is a slang term for a new recreational drug made from codeine and promethazine - stuff your everyday cough syrup is made of.